Wular Conservation & Management Authority

Organization – WUCMA

Subject:-Wullar Conservation and Management Authority (WUCMA)-assignment of powers, functions, components , funding & carrying out of accounts and audit –reg.

Reference: – Cabinet Decision No: – 156/23/2012 dated:-30- 08-2012

Government order No:-396- FST of 2012

Dated: – 10- 10- 2012

Sanction is hereby accorded to the assignment of powers , function, components, funding and carrying out of accounts and audit for the works to be executed/performed by the” Wular Conservation and Management Authority(WUCMA)”notified under SRO 311 dated 25th September, 2012 read with SRO 314 dated 26 th September, 2012 as per the details indicated here under:

(A) The powers and functions of the Authority shall be :-
(i) To administer the affairs of Wular lake and its associated marshes
(ii) To protect the lake Ecosystem and catchments directly draining into it in accordance
(iii) To execute various multidimensional and multidisciplinary activities on its own or
(iv) To co-operate and collaborate with other institutions of the State and National
(v) To involve/engage a multidisciplinary research team for periodic evaluation of ecological
(vi) To upgrade the management and professional skills of members/staff of the with management action Plan. through outsourcing. /International institutions for development of lake. and hydrological restoration intervention in the wetland ecosystem. management intervention teams.
(vii) To acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, lease, hire or otherwise any property movable or
(viii) To prepare the budget estimates of Authority for each year and sanction the
(ix) To consider and approve the Annual Reports , Audits Reports ,Annual accounts and
(x) To perform such additional function and carry out such duties as may be assigned from
(xi) The Chief Executive Director of WUCMA shall exercise the powers of a major HOD/Chief immovable and to construct, improve, alter, any work for carrying on the activities’ of the Authority. expenditure within limits of the budget Financial Estimates. time to time by the State Government in Department of Forests, Ecology and environment Engineer as far as administrative & financial matters are concerned. The subordinate officers shall have similar Administrative and Financial Powers as were in their respective parent departments The Administrative departments may further constitute committees for better implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

(B). (i). Components of Wular Conservation & Management Authority (WUCMA):-

The authority has to execute multi dimensional and multidisciplinary activities in an integrated manner under the administrative control of forest Department and has to collaborate with stake holder (Government departments) and communities living in around the Wular and associated wetlands. It will be headed by an officer of the rank of a senior Chief Conservator of Forests and will be designated as Chief executive Director. The Authority will have Catchment Conservation Division, Water Management Division, Survey and Demarcation Division, Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Planning Division, and Administration and human Resource Development Division.

(ii). Officers and Employees of the Authority:-

Department of forests, Environment and Ecology shall be the Administrative Department for the Authority. The State government (Forest Administrative Department) shall appoint an officer of the rank of Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF) to be the Chief Executive Director of Authority, and two officers of the rank Conservator of Forest as executive Directors and get other required staff on deputation from other Departments. No new creation of regular posts shall be made initially, the officers to be drawn from different line departments for functioning of the Authority shall be borne on the establishment of

(C). Funds of the Authority

Funds received from State and Central Government of external and routed through Central and

(D). Accounts and Audit

The accounts of Authority shall be audited by the Accountant General.j&k. the forms in which accounts should be presented shall be as prescribed for the forest department.

(E). Any other changes in the Authority required in future would be made with the concurrence of Planning and Finance Department.

By order of the Government of Jammu & Kashmir


(Sheik Ejaz Iqbal), IAS
Commissioner/Secretary to Government,
Forest Department.



Srinagar, the 25 th September,2012

SRO: 311:- In exercise of powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 3 of the Jammu and Kashmir Development Act, 1970(XIX of 1970), the Government hereby declare the area, specified in “Annexure” to this notification, to be the ‘local area for the purpose of the said Act and constitute therefore an Authority to be known as “Wular Conservation and Management Authority (WUCMA)”, for the preservation and conservation of Wular lake.

By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir


(Sheik Ejaz Iqbal), IAS
Commissioner/Secretary to Government,
Forest Department.

Annexure to SRO 311 dated: – 25-09- 2012

Wular lake and the following adjoining villages:

Name of village Tehsil District

1. Bandipora Bandipora Bandipora

2. Nadihal Bandipora Bandipora

3. Gund Dachna Bandipora Bandipora

4. Brar Bandipora Bandipora

5. Malangam Bandipora Bandipora

6. Quil Muqam Bandipora Bandipora

7. Ishtaingoo Bandipora Bandipora

8. Qazipora Bandipora Bandipora Patushai

9. Kehnoosa Bandipora Bandipora

10. Watpora Bandipora Bandipora

11. Mangnipora Bandipora Bandipora

12. Shahpora Bandipora Bandipora

13. Lawdora Bandipora Bandipora

14. Garoora Bandipora Bandipora

15. Aloosa Bandipora Bandipora

16. Hajan Sonarwari Bandipora

17. Shah Gund Sonarwari Bandipora

18. Gundi Jahangir Sonarwari Bandipora

19. Seri Hari Karan Sonarwari Bandipora

20 Gund Prang Sonarwari Bandipora

21. Sadhunara Sonarwari Bandipora

22. Saderkoot Sonarwari Bandipora

23. Rakhi Hayan Sopore Baramulla

24. Tarzoo Sopore Baramulla

25. Janwara Sopore Baramulla

26. Warpora Sopore Baramulla

27. Adipora Sopore Baramulla

28. Magraypora Sopore Baramulla

29. Hathlangoo Sopore Baramulla

30. Watlab Sopore Baramulla



Srinagar, the 26 th September,2012

SRO: 314 :- In exercise of powers conferred by section 4 of the Jammu and Kashmir Development Act, 1970(XIV of 1970),the Government hereby appoint the following members of the Wular Conservation and Management Authority (WUCMA) for the preservation and conservation of Wular lake.

1. Minister for Forests, Environment & Ecology. Chairman
2. Administrative Secretary, finance Department. Member
3. Administrative Secretary, Planning & Dev. Department Member
4. Administrative Secretary, Forest department Member
5. Administrative Secretary, irrigation & F.C. Department Member
6. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Member
7. Deputy Commissioner, Bandipora Member
8. Deputy Commissioner, Baramulla Member
9. Chief Executive director, WUCMA Member secretary

The term of office of the aforesaid members shall be two years.

By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir


(Sheik Ejaz Iqbal), IAS

Commissioner/Secretary to Government,

Forest Department